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  • MCKENNA WOLF MEDIA develops and produces authentic stories as promotion for the entertainment industry. We specialize in quality documentaries, on set Behind-The-Scenes video and still photography, and creating fresh and interesting “featurettes” and trailers that generate buzz through social media and other publicity.



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    Our company is doing promotional media for an upcoming feature film. Check out this Behind The Scenes featurette about 'The World'.

    Our company is doing promotional media for an upcoming feature film. Check out this Behind The Scenes featurette about 'The Action'.

    Opening scene from our short film, The Summer Story.

    Background music is "The Parting Glass" instrumental from the Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag soundtrack.  We do not own any of the audio content in this video. All musical credit goes to the composer (Brian Tyler) and UBISOFT.

    We're not going to say that if you voted for Trump we don't want to work with you, but watch the video and make up your own mind!

  • We also provide written content for your website, blog, ezine and social media sites, as well as a complete public relations strategy and publicity.


    We begin with a specific plan, designed exclusively for you and developed in accord with your goals. Our team of writers will work to create your unique marketing and publicity campaign, which might include the following:


    Brand Creation and continued development

    Creation of a Press Kit, including information and Biographies

    Web site creation, including Web copy development and updating

    Advice on Search Engine Optimization

    Writing and editing services for your newsletter, blog or other communication

    Ghostwriting or editing services

    Regular Press Releases to insure Brand awareness

    Creation and maintenance of Social Media sites

    Writing and organizing of Podcast scripts other scripted opportunities





    McKenna Wolf Media in production on a documentary portrait of Vipers band member Paul Martin.


    Musician and activist Paul Martin, of the New York based 80's band THE VIPERS, will be featured in a short documentary to be produced by McKenna Wolf Media.


    The twenty-five minute bio-doc will follow Martin as he readies his new album for release.


    The Vipers merged the best of a fresh-faced, Beatlesque, sixties influence into the 1980s Garage Rock Underground, creating a musical sound that stills feel fresh after 30 years. With pulsating psychedelia, The Vipers tore up New York clubs such as CBGBs, Irving Plaza and The Peppermint Lounge, having built a legendary fan base that quickly spread throughout the United States and the world, rivaling the popularity of major label bands. They honed their skills playing hundreds of performances - and then they hit the recording studio. Those sessions provided the backbone of their first album, Outta The Nest!


    After experiencing the success of Outta The Nest!, Martin began to chafe under the demands of the record industry, and some of his band mates. He walked away from The Vipers to make his own music in his own way.


    "I am thrilled to be partnering with McKenna Wolf to bring my message of art and survival,” said Martin, a prominent figure in the eighties New York music scene, and one of the first indie artists to self-produce his own music. “Looking back on those days, I don't think most kids in the music world today realize how really dirty, gritty and dangerous New York City was in the late 70s and 80s. It was a crazy time, and it created some crazy art. But now you can buy a truffle pizza in the Bowery Hotel. The neighborhood is all cleaned up, the same way we cleaned up our lives. Was it better then? I don't know, but I like what I'm creating now!"


    The documentary will be finished in mid 2018, with a festival circuit planned for later next year.




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    Director of Marketing and PR

    Karen McKenna is a public relations consultant with decades of experience in the advertising and PR industry. After graduating from Smith College with Honors, she began working at Novak Advertising in Northampton, Massachusetts, and she has never looked back. Moving to Los Angeles in 2000, she owned and ran an entertainment talent management company, and became an award winning screenwriter. Karen is the owner, and Director of Marketing, at McKenna Wolf Media and the author of the forthcoming book, "Confessions of an Advertising (Wo)man”.


    Director of Digital Content

    With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, Mick has literally been there and done that. As a child actor he was hired by Martin Scorsese, and worked with the best of television directors including Marc Tinker and Bruce Paltrow. His love of the industry led him into a program in Directing and Cinematography at UCLA, and a new career behind the camera. He has multiple credits, as Unit Production Manager, First AD, and BTS Photographer and Videographer. He is a co-owner, and Director of Digital Content, at McKenna Wolf Media.

  • MCKENNA WOLF MEDIA is a woman-owned business that specializes in marketing and promoting movies, television, music, books and other media projects that feature strong female characters and multicultural values.